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Ruby (Andrews, V. C.) - descarga eBook

Categoría: Narrativa - Variada
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Losing one parent was devastating. Now, a long-held grudge has taken her father. Can she change a jealous knight’s mind before she loses another?

Ruby’s mother taught her to be kind and compassionate. Even after the Lady’s untimely death, she holds tight to the ideal of caring for all the fiefdom’s subjects. But when an envious rival throws her honorable cavalier father in the castle prison, she faces the biggest challenge of her life—forgiving her worst enemy.

Grateful to the kindly villager who takes her in, Ruby still pines for her father. And painful though it is, she knows the only way to free him is to change his stubborn heart.

Can she break chains forged from years of anger and jealousy?

Ruby’s Castle is a middle grade children’s book for fans of medieval fiction. If you and your child like moral lessons, close family ties, and exciting adventures, then you’ll both adore Christine Draper’s fun, faith-filled tale. 

Buy Ruby’s Castle to see the power of love and forgiveness in this action packed adventure!

Cantidad de Páginas 103
Precio en librerías EUR 3,99
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