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Gambito Turco (Akunin, Boris) - descarga eBook

Categoría: Narrativa - Novela Policiaca
Gambito Turco descarga pdf epub mobi fb2
Think Tolstoy writing James Bond with the logical rigour of Sherlock Holmes. A hoot GuardianThe first book in the internationally bestselling Erast Fandorin Mysteries series.Moscow 1876. A young law student commits suicide in broad daylight in Moscows Alexander Gardens., But this is no ordinary death, for the young man was the son of an influential industrialist and has left a considerable fortune.Erast Fandorin, a hotheaded new recruit to the Criminal Investigation Department, is assigned to the case. Brilliant, young, and sophisticated, Fandorin embarks on an investigation that will take him from the palatial mansions of Moscow to the seedy backstreets of London in his hunt for the conspirators behind this mysterious death.A sparkling romp of a story TLSAn effectively concocted story IndependentVery fast-moving and enjoyable Crime TimeIn Russia Boris Akunin is roughly the counterpart of John Grisham... The Winter Queen is as delicate and elegant as a Faberge egg TimeWhat readers are saying about the Erast Fandorin Mysteries:I loved it..., I just couldnt put it down! My book ObsessionA delightful mystery/adventure! Theres a dark twist at the end that has me anxious to continue in this series Neil on Goodreads (five stars)Ultimately, the overall success of The Winter Queen is due to the vibrancy of its setting, the cleanness of its prose and the magnetism of its protagonist... Odds seem good that Akunin will be the next detective to capture readers fancy en masse. If so, it will only be a matter of time before the entire Fandorin Cycle is translated -- the sooner, the better Sarah Weinman, January Magazine These books are a fun, riotous read that you dont want to put down until youve completed each and every one of them Jill on Goodreads (five stars)The conclusion is shocking and this reader cant wait to delve into the next in the series A Writers JumbleNail-biter all the way through! Corin on Goodreads (five stars)A page-turning delig

Editorial W&N
Cantidad de Páginas 272
Precio en librerías EUR 11,66
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Opinion de lector Antonio Una novela muy interesante. 2021-05-13
Opinion de lector Guillermo Me gusta el autor 2021-04-09
Opinion de lector Lilia me gusta la literatura rusa 2021-01-07
Opinion de lector flemet por que si 2020-12-04
Opinion de lector Antononio Historia 2020-09-27
Opinion de lector errt fd interes 2020-07-06
Opinion de lector Abdul Me lo recomendó un amigo 2020-03-17
Opinion de lector ikerlondio LLevar la contraria a mi padre y a mi madre,que trabajan en la enseñanza universitaria 2019-12-20
Opinion de lector eduardo luz recomendacion 2019-05-03
Opinion de lector Jose Aficion 2019-03-31
La peli me gustó (Jj) 2018-12-01
curiosidad (Luis) 2018-11-07
Me encanta la novela historica (Valeria) 2018-03-23
Me encanta la tematica rusa (Sergio) 2018-02-18
Me encanta Akunin (Juan Carlos) 2017-08-12
pq si me lo han recomendado (yo) 2017-07-19
pq si me lo han recomendado (yo) 2017-07-19
el saber (Pedro) 2017-01-12
el saber (Pedro) 2017-01-12
Entretenimiento, cultura, aprendizaje, viajar a través del tiempo, etc. (Eloy) 2016-08-25
completar la saga de Erast Fandorín. (vicente lucas alba) 2015-11-23
mejorar (jose) 2015-10-25

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