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Ever had a bad day? Try having one on the moon...

Fascinating Tim Peake, Sunday Times bestselling author of Ask an Astronaut


WELCOME TO ARTEMIS. The first city on the moon.
Population 2,000. Mostly tourists.
Some criminals.

Jazz Bashara is one of the criminals. She lives in a poor area of Artemis and subsidises her work as a porter with smuggling contraband onto the moon. But it’s not enough.

So when she’s offered the chance to make a lot of money she jumps at it. But though planning a crime in 1/6th gravity may be more fun, it’s a lot more dangerous…


What everyones saying about this smart, high concept thriller:

A smart, fun, fast-paced adventure that you wont be able to put down Ernest Cline, bestselling author of Ready Player One

What a page turner! Milda on Goodreads, 5 stars

Fast paced, high octane and highly entertaining Chrys on Netgalley, 5 stars

Artemis does for the moon what The Martian did for Mars Guardian

A first rate thriller, this had me hooked from beginning to end Robert on Netgalley, 5 stars

An absolute must read Lauren on Goodreads, 5 stars

A clever and action-fuelled story Culturefly

For those who loved The Martian, you wont be disappointed Liz on Netgalley, 5 stars

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